Sunday, October 12, 2008

This is weird and I'm sorry....

I don't know why...

but I find John McCain's mother, Roberta, to be a very beautiful woman.

Not like I wanna hook up with her, you scoundrels! You rapscallions! She's 96, and anyways, I am spoken for. I just... find her beautiful!

It occurs to me that I also happen to find this gentleman, an actor named Hans Howes, very handsome. You may recognize him from There Will Be Blood or some commercials he's done. I dunno, he has nice eyes and good bone structure. However, he's only a spry 65, and an Aquarius to boot. Sue me.

All right, bring it on. I pretty much asked for it.

UPDATE: I know some of you will laugh and point, but it turns out that both of these fine-lookin' old folks are Aquarians. Call it a coincidence if you want, but many of you know I have an Aquarius problem! Aquarians just have a, uh, joie-de-vivre that sets them apart. Perhaps that's what applies here? Eh. I dunno.

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