Saturday, October 4, 2008

Welcome Post

Wow! Now that I'm here I'm not sure what to say. Oh, the irony!

Today there's a lot going on... everyone's still talking about the Vice-Presidential debate and the financial rescue bill. Of course, the pundits are peppering this conversation with tidbits about the stupid OJ Simpson trial redux. I have to say I'm personally happy that Sarah Palin performed reasonably well; now nobody has to feel sorry for her and everyone can just focus on the task at hand, which is electing a President LESS inflexible and sure of himself than the one we've had for the last eight years. One of my favorite things about Obama is his proven ability to surround himself with brilliance. You can't do that if you believe you're always the smartest person in the room, which is a quality that so many have tried to attribute to him.

Today I found an opportunity to go to New Hampshire the next few weekends and canvass for Obama. I suppose I don't understand the political demographics of the region too terribly well yet as I've only been here a month; nonetheless, I have a really hard time perceiving New Hampshire as a swing state. The campaign, however, is less certain, and this seems to align with the opinions of political analysts across the country, so if they want us up there, well, I'll go! Maybe if that doesn't work out I'll do some phone banking. I think that being from Arizona may be at least slightly useful, as my political and personal knowledge of McCain is fairly nuanced.

I guess I'll go ahead and comment on the VP debate myself: I was really impressed by Joe Biden! I never saw him debate that well during the primary campaign. And, funnily, Sarah Palin doesn't bug me as much as she does a lot of people I know. I mean, don't get me wrong, I want her nowhere near the White House, but I get the likeability factor. Maybe it's because my family was from Minnesota and I find those mannerisms charming to begin with.

Well, a decent start. Now I just have to find some readers! Or not. Whatever. :)

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