Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Herd

Aw, it hurts so bad.....

And that's just watching the Palin/McCain rally! Heh heh heh....

I am so wretchedly sore today. I look around my little home and see all the things I should have used my arms and shoulders to do before 5pm yesterday, like put away my laundry, or vacuum the cat hair off of my futon. I don't know how long it will be before I can safely or easily do these things again, but I have a guest tomorrow night so I suppose they will be done whether I like it or not. I have let Greg the trainer do things to me that I have never allowed anyone to do to me before, which sounds funny but is very, very true. I'm hoping that once I break all these muscle groups in, feeling this sore will be a thing of the past. Lord knows I've worked out plenty before, but I have never felt like this. Maybe I'm just getting flippin' old.

So, back to the rally, which is the real reason I dragged my arms onto the desk to post.

There are few things that make me more physically uncomfortable than when the cameras at a political rally focus on the glassy eyes and queer faces of a crowd chanting some punny political slogan. Just now it was "No-Bama!" and there were three kinds of faces in the crowd: those who were loving it, feeling all victorious; those who clearly felt awkward and lame about it but chanted it anyway; and, most frightening, those who appeared not to even be cognizant of where they were, just chanting away. For that group, it seems as if you could replace the "No-Bama" with "Heil! Heil! Heil!" and they would just be chanting along, all flat affect and lifeless eyes.


Now, I want to be clear, especially now that I've replaced a Republican chant with a Nazi one, that I'm not only talking about Republican rallies here. I attended an Obama rally, and I love the man, but I'm just not a chanter; when the "Yes, we can!"s begin, I think, "Ugh, no, I can't". I'm one of those people who feels wrong clapping along at concerts, mostly because I know that eventually everyone will get off beat and just screw everything up for the artist or the portion of the audience who does not believe that their participation in the performance is required. I guess the difference is, I'll clap at concerts when the performers encourage it (and start it off so that everyone in the rhythmically-challenged audience doesnt wander too far off the beat!), but no chanting for me, please. I don't think I'm too cool, I'm not ironic about these things, and I don't get easily embarrassed by shows of patriotism, political solidarity, idealism, etc. I just..... don't want to chant. Don't make me. And don't look at me like *I* am weird or some kind of loser for not wanting to do it. I don't know who really wants to do it anyways, people just do, it's like social clapping. Who goes to a rally thinking to themselves, "I hope we chant a lot tonight! I love that part!" People just do it, they need no motivation. And, ugh, cameramen- don't focus on those queer faces when the audiences are doing it. Brrr! Bleagh!

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