Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird Morning


First of all, I had made up my mind last night that I was going to go "into town" (as the locals say) today and visit the Public Gardens and the Common. This is probably my favorite spot in the city and the leaves are turning so I thought it'd be a nice little diversion. However it is a dreary day and it has been "raining" all night. I put raining in quotes because it's more like a constant dribbling mist. If it were a tiny bit colder I guess it'd be sleet. But anyways, I think the Gardens are out today, as it's cold, wet, and windy too. Maybe I'll do a museum or something instead.

Secondly... they are doing some kind of construction on my block the last few weeks and there's now a porta-potty parked in the neutral ground directly in front of my building. When I go out to smoke I have the dubious pleasure of watching the workers go in and out. This actually amuses me to no end but I wonder if it makes them uncomfortable that some random person is standing 30 feet away while they do their business. Heh. Made me think of this:

It's a working public toilet and also an art installation, part of an installation amusingly titled "Don't Miss a Sec". Like, even if you have to make a pit stop, you can still see what's going on around you. It's enclosed in one-way glass like they use in the viewing rooms at police stations. So you can do your thang and still feel connected to the outside world, which of course provokes the question of who exactly wants to have that experience. Gooooood stuff.

Finally, there has been a flock of seagulls (actual birds, not the 80s band) all around the neighborhood lately and today they are hopping around outside the building. I wonder if this has anything to do with the workers, like if they're leaving trash, etc. Whatevs.

Oh, yeah. For posterity, I'm gonna start importing all my old blogwork from MySpace and LiveJournal. Keep it all nice and orderly. There's a lot, especially from LJ, so it'll be an ongoing project. It'll all be dated with original dates so none will show up on top, but it'll make for some good digging one day when I'm bored or you're curious.

Getting a bit of activity on my fundraising page, which makes me feel really good. If you still haven't given, please drop by and do so!

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