Thursday, May 14, 2009

Quick update

I realized that I hadn't posted here in a long while and thought I'd give a little update.

Today is May 14, 2009. In a few days, Katie and I are going to Phoenix to bring the rest of our stuff back East. Well, technically, we'll still have one small storage unit in Phoenix, but the bulk of our stuff is coming out here as we expect to be out here for a while now.

Law schools... I decided, after much consideration, to attend Brooklyn Law School with very generous scholarships. As of today, I am also still on the admissions waitlists at both Georgetown and Fordham. Either of these schools would have been great to attend, but all along I've thought it was completely unlikely that I'd get accepted. Even now, I have to say, if one of them did accept me I'd almost undoubtedly change my plans, but I sure would miss the prospect of free tuition.

So, all else being equal, we're planning to move to NYC, probably to Brooklyn, in early August. I'm really excited for it, and for the start of school. This move date won't give us much time before classes start, but it's OK because we're poor anyhow and probably couldn't afford to capitalize well on a lot of extra time in the city. (Anyhow we got stuck with a full-summer lease when we had to move out of our little Comm Ave studio.) I'm hoping to move to Brooklyn Heights or one of the surrounding neighborhoods in order to be close as possible to school, but we'll see where we land as it's very expensive over there. Prospect Heights is a more reasonable neighborhood and still fairly close, as well as being the neighborhood where our BK friends live, so we very well might end up there.

Guess that's about it for now...