Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We're gonna bring you the power!

All right, so I'm in pain, but I gotta share...

First of all, my power bill for 32 days was $29.27. My heating is included in my rent. Suck on that, Phoenix! (Not people from Phoenix, just the city itself. I commiserate with the people.) Just to be clear, I lived here the entire time.

Secondly, they have two publicly available green options (and another for people with solar panels - in MA!). You can opt to have either 50 or 100% of your power come from wind sources. I was all about this but I thought, oh, it's gonna be so pricey.

I switched to the 100% plan for what will average out to be an extra $2/mo. And my power comes from a wind farm in Maine! Uh, cute!

I also checked the calculator to get examples of how much conventionally-generated energy will be saved monthly in the process...

This was a happy-making evening!


  1. Way to go green, girl(s)!!!

    Hey E, I have been wanting to recommend this blog I read to you: http://emphaticasterisk.com/

    Lindsey has lots of awesome stuff to say on the subject of sexuality, spirituality and politics... I think you might appreciate her point of view.


  2. That is so awesome! We're trying to live more green - I'll have to check if we have an alternative power source available.