Thursday, November 6, 2008

To be in Boston on Election Night 2008...

Was an unexpected and powerful blessing.
A few tastes of the vibe up here last night that mirror what I experienced (I will keep searching for footage of the actual crowds into which I got swept):

I asked a cop who was working the crowd in the park where we were what he thought about a bunch of kids spontaneously breaking into the national anthem, and he just grinned. I could tell that he was trying to stay unaffected, but he was pretty moved.

This is pretty much what it was like on the street all night, even in JP where I was. Every car was just honking like crazy and all kinds of people were running and biking around hooting and hollering, hugging each other, high-fiving, etc.

When I left JP and went into the Back Bay, I ran into some of these kids. Everyone marched around aimlessly, we congregated in a few places for a while but the cops kept sweeping us along. Bad policy if you ask me, because then we just impeded traffic as we crossed the streets. The people in the cars didn't care, they got up out of their windows and moon-roofs and chanted and whooped it up with the rest of us. What a night.

More to come. I'm sure in the next few days I'll find some footage from the Christian Science Park where I was with the group the longest and the national anthem was sung!

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