Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hootie hoo!

Just sent in my first law school app... to NYU, my dream school, where I'll never get in LOL!

BUT... I sent it first because of all that it represents, and also for the practical reason that every extra minute in front of the reviewers is definitely useful when applying to a top 5 school.

After a bit more work, I have three apps on deck, ready to go, and three more that I anticipate I will be done with by the end of this weekend.

Then, after long last, I'll be done! And then..... I'll have the joy of waiting around for months, to receive what will probably 3 or 4 rejection letters out of 7 schools, and then I'll get to agonize over where I should go out of the winners! :D

Point is, somethin's comin'! I feel happy, and proud, and crazy, exhausted, and weird.

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