Saturday, November 15, 2008

Disappointed... but encouraged

I seem to have broken myself this week with my writing insanity and made myself sick. I was waaaaay too low to go and protest in the cold & rain today. It feels like all my organ systems are failing LOL! However needing to stay home disappointed me a very great deal. On the bright side, some were concerned that turnout would be low due to the weather, which made me feel even worse about not going, but that wasn't the case at all....

Rep. Niki Tsongas, speaking at Boston City Hall during today's action.


I am extremely encouraged by the changing face of "gay-rights" activism. It used to be that no sane straight person would walk the streets with a bunch of 'mos in ActUp t-shirts. Then, for a long time, the PFLAG wing of straightdom (i.e. my mom/son/brother is gay + the supportive straight opinion leaders) would be well-reflected in our public events. Now, it truly does seem that we've built a broader coalition than ever.... straight kids with no personal interest in our cause other than feeling it's the right thing, alongside religious leaders and adherents who believe that faith compels tolerance, alongside people of all colors and backgrounds (contrary to the suggestions of all the recent hoopla, they're out there in the streets with us too!), even grandparents and teachers and union workers, all sorts came out today to show support.

You all know that I believe this battle must be fought and won in the courts, but if THIS ain't progress, call me crazy, I don't know what progress is.

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