Sunday, December 7, 2008

Funny stuffs today

Just relaying a couple of funny things that happened today:

First, earlier tonight I saw a coyote running around on my street. As I've mentioned before, I live on Comm Ave, a pretty busy street divided by T tracks. The coyote was running from a side-street, across Comm Ave toward the tracks. I saw a car coming as it crossed and got nervous, so I stepped out into the front street (Comm Ave has a main street and a front street in this neighborhood) where I saw it stopped in front of the car, trying to figure out which way to go. The car stopped to let it pass and it ran on across the neutral ground toward the main street and the tracks. As I went towards it, it spotted me, ran back through the front street, and down the side street from whence it came.

Just then a tiny gal came by, headed toward the same side street, and I warned her that there was a scared coyote down there and to be cautious. She got excited, asked me if I was positive it hadn't been a dog, and called her friend to share the news LOL! As she passed the side street she happily shouted back to me, "I can see it!" and I thought that was pretty great. By the time I got down to where she'd been standing it had scampered out of sight, back to the badly kept dumpsters across the street, no doubt.

Since then I've been reading up... I knew of the urban coyote problem in Phoenix, but, I mean, that's Phoenix; everything wild still lives there LOL! Apparently, though, there are urban coyotes everywhere. You name it, they're there! They seem to prefer suburbs and areas that have parks and such, and have even been caught roaming in Chicago, Central Park, and the concrete jungle of Boston's North End. The internets tell me that coyotes have expanded their territory to include 49 states. I assume the exceptional state is Hawaii - no gills on the coyotes. Yet. They have spread because they are highly intelligent and adaptable, and apparently they are fantastic predators as well. Who knew that moving AWAY from AZ would make me learn about coyotes? Weird. I got so used to them there, I never bothered to learn much about them. Funny.

Hal, the NYC Coyote

Also, while I smoke I tend to look around, and across the way, high up, is a woman with long dark hair who always seems to be wearing dark clothes when I spot her and floats back and forth around her apartment like a ghost. She reminds me of the ghosty-thing in The Grudge. Creepus.

UPDATE: Just went outside for the last smoke of the night, and had an amusing conversation/encounter with what had to have been about a 40-pound raccoon. He put his two little paws and sad raccoon face over the side of the short wall about 3 feet away from me and started to come up the little stairs that I stand on outside; I looked him in the eye, said, "Don't you dare," (LOL) and he turned tail. As he walked away I got a good look at the size of him, and it's good for me that he minded me, cuz he was a biggie. He went through the bushes to the sidewalk; I went to the sidewalk, saw him coming toward me, and he froze there. I said, "Are you coming this way? I'll go back up," (LOL) and he came right past me on the sidewalk, took a left just past the stairs, and waddled off into the bushes on the other side of me. Between these fellas (well, actually I think the coyote was a lady), the feral cats, and the skunks, it's like Wild Kingdom around here. Oops, dated myself!

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  1. That is crazy! Isn't it *fun* to learn about new animals?? We've had to adapt to a whole new host of creatures when we moved. Our most exciting was a bear wandering through our neighborhood... (note to self: don't let kids outside alone!)