Friday, December 12, 2008

Checking in!

Hey all,
sorry I've been neglecting my bloggerly duties. I have been doing a fair amount of private journaling and have also recently developed something approximating a social life. It was bound to happen eventually! :)

Not much going on anyways, the only things that have inspired me to want to write here have been cute things the cats have done. I mean, do you really care what happened when I played the Jingle Cats version of Silent Night on my computer? Oh, you do? Well, the cats all woke from deep sleep and started freaking out, running around the room and trying to locate the army of kittens that I'd obviously let in. Now I know what to do when they misbehave! LOL. The world of current events seems like so much ado about nothing right now to me.... I guess I have to remove myself from the 24-hour news cycle so that things can sink in.

So, I'm good. Soon I'll have KT here, and I'm so glad. I have missed just having her around so much. Hopefully we won't discover that we've liked living on our own better than moving back in! :)

1 comment:

  1. so nice to hear from you again. great anecdote about the kitties! glad to hear you're getting out and gaining more of a social life, but i miss you. no word about the shoes thrown at bush, eh? i kinda feel bad for him. but then i remember that he's responsible for the death of thousands of people and am glad that he wasn't able to pull off some sort of "mission accomplished" victory sign-off. anyway, you'll be here thursday, yay! let me know how i can help move and stuff.